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The price of Roller Shutters will vary between installations. Some of the more important details will be size, type, anchoring method and whether or not you have any special requirements of your Roller Shutters. For a quote, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with one of the team at Half Price Shutters.

The screen of a Roller Shutter is most often made up of adjoined lengths of a hard-wearing material like metal. These lengths have their ends couched in tracks mounted to either side of a window. These lengths of material, or slats, slide up and down in these tracks to open or close the shutter. When open, the slats are usually rolled up above the window, out of the way.

Roller Shutters are a great way to cut back on the amount you spend on heating and cooling your home or business! The physical barrier of a Roller Shutter permits less heat to pass through, compared to a fabric blind or curtain. Installing Roller Shutters in your home or business can also help reduce the amount of heat that enters or escapes in that area.

You might typically expect the installation of a Roller Shutter to cost anywhere between $250 to $1000 depending on a couple factors. Size, placement, style and material will all affect the cost. At Half Price Shutters, we pride ourselves on making Roller Shutters affordable and accessible. Get in touch with us now for a Free quote and Measure!

Roller Shutters are an effective way of blocking out any unwanted noise. When sealed all the way, the physical barrier of a roller shutter can drastically reduce the volume of ambient noise entering your home or business. Speak to one of our team about what you can do with Half Price Shutters to reduce the noise that enters your home or business.

Roller Shutters typically require very little maintenance. As long as you take care in raising and lowering the slats, your Roller Shutters should last for many years. But you may want to engage in some routine maintenance to avoid jams. Greasing the bearings and giving the surfaces a wipe down will be helpful in maintaining your Roller Shutters in the long run.

Wiping down your Roller Shutters with a mild cleaner and clearing away any dirt or debris will keep your shutters looking great. For a deeper clean, you might want to use a hose or pressure washer to clear away any dust, dirt or leaf matter that may have accumulated over time.

The best clean you can get on your Roller Shutters is achieved with a pressure washer. We highly recommend you reading the instructions manual before you start using a pressure washer on your Roller Shutters.

Caution: Avoid washing the grease out of your Roller Shutter tracks.

You can look after your Roller Shutters by using a silicone or grease based spray along the tracks that run either side of your window. Be careful though, you don’t want to go mixing lubricants. For the best results, talk to your installer about how you can maintain your roller shutters between services.

We recommend that you get your Roller Shutters serviced every twelve months. Regular service intervals give our installation and maintenance professionals a chance to eliminate any potential long-term problems and keep your Roller Shutters working smoothly. Don’t hesitate to get in touch with us at Half Price Shutters and arrange a service inspection.

Our products

Whether you’re looking to update your home décor or improve the energy efficiency or security of your home, Half Price Shutters has a comprehensive range of made-to-measure Roller Shutters, Plantation Shutters, Indoor Blinds, Outdoor Awnings, Outdoor Blinds and Screens, and Security Screen Doors in a range of fashionable colours and fabrics to suit any home.

From framing a view to ensuring privacy or cutting your energy costs, we have a range of products to suit your budget and your style. Before you choose a window treatment, ask yourself these questions: Do I want acoustic control, privacy from neighbours, full control of light or air flow or security? We can help you answer those questions. For a sleek sophisticated look, you might consider a Roller Blind. If you’re looking for a casual look that won’t date, consider Plantation Shutters. Of course, if you’re after an affordable, low-maintenance and practical window treatment, Venetian Blinds are hard to beat.

Whatever you choose, our products are made to measure to fit any space.

There are so many reasons to choose Half Price Shutters.

Roller Shutters

Roller Shutters

Our range of Shutters are affordable and practical. They are an excellent way to control privacy and security, insulate against noise and light and are simple to use and maintain.

Plantation Shutters Australia

Plantation Shutters

Plantation Shutters are a classic window treatment – timeless, elegant and beautifully designed. This style is very practical – the blades can be angled for privacy while still capturing light and air flow.

They are a popular choice for the whole home as they are practical and beautiful. Known for their simplicity and quality, our range of Plantation Shutters is made to measure to fit your home and comes with a five-year warranty so you are guaranteed long-term performance.

Half Price Shutters has a shutter solution to suit every décor and every window. Our wide range of shutters has something for every budget. They are the perfect addition to a bathroom space as they provide privacy while allowing ample light. They are often chosen to create a striking visual impression or to blend seamlessly into a very simple aesthetic.

Plantation Shutters let you make the most of the view from your home while also providing privacy and amplifying natural light.

Plantation Shutters are a clever way to encourage airflow through a space and add a sophisticated touch to your home. Used often in warmer climates, they are loved for their functionality in controlling light and air flow.

Indoor Blinds

Indoor Blinds

Half Price Shutters has an extensive range of Indoor Blinds including Roller, Venetian, Vertical and Panel Glide Blinds suitable for any home.

Roller Blinds get top marks for practicality and sleek and sophisticated design. By far the most popular blinds in Australian homes, Roller Blinds allow maximum light to flood into rooms and provide a tailored and streamlined clean look.

When it comes to choosing new Indoor Blinds for your home, office or shop front, there are many different factors that should be considered. For most buyers, the decision usually comes down to the visual appeal of a particular model – and that’s hardly a crime. But what many people don’t realise is that there is more to choosing a new set of blinds than first meets the eye. Climate, for instance, can have a very real impact on suitability and effectiveness, and this can impact your entire property. Whether you are dealing with hot or cold conditions, sunny skies or grey ones, we are here to provide the information that you need before your next purchase.

Outdoor Awnings

Outdoor Awnings

If you’re looking for stylish outdoor shade solutions, our range of Outdoor Awnings offers something for everyone.

Keep cool this summer. Awnings can improve your home’s energy efficiency and keep you cool in summer.

Not only do Awnings help to protect and cool your home, they can also give your home a facelift. Whether you want to make a statement with bold stripes or coordinate the colour of your Awning to the exterior of your home, Awnings add another dimension to your home.

Awnings are like a protruding roof that sits above your window (or door) and juts outwards. These can be retractable and can be made from a variety of materials, from fabric to metal. Regardless of type, awnings can be differentiated from blinds and shutters by the fact that they always sit on the outside of your window and protrude.

Awnings are usually ideal for houses exposed to extreme heat and light from the sun. They allow for a lot of creativity when it comes to styling and colour. You can also get awnings big enough to cover decks, pools, and carparks. The main issue is ensuring you have the space on your property to facilitate an awning without it reaching over your neighbour’s fence. If so, the possibilities are endless.

Outdoor Blinds & Screens

Outdoor Blinds & Screens

Transform your outdoor space. Half Price Shutters has a great range of Wire Guided or Track Guided made-to-measure blinds to help you control your outdoor space.

A well-made set of outdoor blinds can create a visual and physical barrier between spaces, and can easily turn your patio into an additional room of your home. A stylish and modern alternative to awnings, outdoor blinds can transform your entertaining area into an enclosed space that is protected from harsh weather conditions and insects. The blinds help to make a patio as functional in winter as it is in summer.

Installing a sunscreen blind on a balcony is a great way to keep damaging sunlight out, but increase the street value of your property.

Made from heavy duty fabric, Half Price Shutters’ blinds offer shade, privacy and can be colour coordinated to match your home’s exterior. External blinds offer good flexibility and performance, and will help prevent around 60 per cent of heat from entering your home.

Security Screens

Security Screens

Half Price Shutters are the experts in Security Screens. That’s why we are Australia’s first choice for customised and made-to-measure Security Screen Doors and Windows.

Peace of mind. Our range of Amplimesh® Security Screens for windows and doors offer unbeatable protection and value for money, while still allowing fresh air to flow into your home. Both provide maximum security, without obstructing the view. With Amplimesh® Security Screens, you can feel confident the mesh will defy even the most determined attack from both intruders and corrosion. Fixed Security Screen windows are built using fall protection technology, giving you added peace of mind.