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Automatic Awnings

Automatic Awnings are an affordable shading cover for ground floor windows, especially in areas such as busy narrow walkways, where space is at a premium. The fabric glides vertically along metal guide rods, on arms that are set at a fixed distance from the window. The arms come in sizes from 150mm through to 600mm, in 150mm increments. These Awnings are raised and lowered manually and lock into position automatically when the arm is released in a 90% position. 

Range of material, styles and colours

Automatic awnings come in heavy duty canvas, acrylic or mesh materials in scalloped, straight and non-valance styles. A wide range of colours are available.


Gold passivated arms and guides are standard, and stainless steel is also available at an additional cost. Hoods and five sided bottom rails come in a variety of colours.

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