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Wire Guided

Wire Guided Blinds

Wire Guided Blinds are suitable for windows up to 5,500mm wide and can be operated manually or with a remote control. They glide effortlessly up and down stainless steel wire guides, offering privacy, controlling the light that enters your home and providing protection from heat and UV rays.

Attractive styling

Half Price Shutters Wire Guide Blinds come in acrylic, mesh, canvas or clear PVC and feature an attractive anodized aluminum base bar, colour coordinated cranks and brackets.

Outdoor living

If you want to connect your indoor living with the outdoors, our wire guided blinds can create a new space for entertaining. You can control the airflow, light and temperature and enjoy being outside.

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Folding Arm Awnings

Folding Arm Awnings are very versatile and can create an undercover alfresco area at the push of a button. Say goodbye to struggling with large umbrellas and hello to excellent, angled sun protection that can fold away to nothing. Folding Arm Awnings are suitable for ground floor windows, balconies, patios, decks and terraces. Instant sun protection with maximum coverage.

Pivot Arm Awnings
Pivot Arm Awnings

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Track Guided Blinds
Track Guided Blinds

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