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Blinds & Screens

Outdoor Blinds & Screens

A well-made set of outdoor blinds can create a visual and physical barrier between spaces, and can easily turn your patio into an additional room of your home. A stylish and modern alternative to awnings, outdoor blinds can transform your entertaining area into an enclosed space that is protected from harsh weather conditions and insects. The blinds help to make a patio as functional in winter as it is in summer.

Installing a sunscreen blind on a balcony is a great way to keep damaging sunlight out, but increase the street value of your property.

Made from heavy duty fabric, Half Price Shutters’ blinds offer shade, privacy and can be colour coordinated to match your home’s exterior. External blinds offer good flexibility and performance, and will help prevent around 60 per cent of heat from entering your home.

Wire Guided Blinds

Wire Guided Blinds are fitted to the outside of your window or around an alfresco area. They are ideal for large windows and balconies and to screen off outside areas or create an outdoor room. Our Wire Guided Blinds provide UV protection, heat control and privacy while allowing the breeze to flow. Custom designed and installed, our Wire Guide Blinds will enhance your outdoor experience.

Track Guided Blinds

Track Guided manual or motorised blinds let you enjoy an outdoor lifestyle whatever the season. Simply push them up and pull them down. Thanks to specially designed tracks on either side, the blind glides smoothly and can be stopped at any point. When in the down position, it can be secured and locked into the tracks without zippers or buckles, which prevents it from flapping, even in strong winds.