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Plantation Shutters

Plantation Shutters are a popular choice for the whole home as they are practical and beautiful. Known for their simplicity and quality, our range of Plantation Shutters is made to measure to fit your home and comes with a five-year warranty so you are guaranteed long-term performance.

Half Price Shutters has a shutter solution to suit every décor and every window. Our wide range of shutters has something for every budget. Plantation Shutters are the perfect addition to a bathroom space as they provide privacy while allowing ample light. They are often chosen to create a striking visual impression or to blend seamlessly into a very simple aesthetic.

Plantation Shutters let you make the most of the view from your home while also providing privacy and amplifying natural light.

Plantation Shutters are a clever way to encourage airflow through a space and add a sophisticated touch to your home. Used often in warmer climates, Plantation Shutters are loved for their functionality in controlling light and air flow.

PVC Shutters

Our PVC Shutters are made from an environmentally friendly, non-toxic polymer that is tougher and more stable than timber for long lasting good looks. Chipping, warping and splitting is a thing of the past with these durable shutters.

Timber Shutters

Our Timber Shutters are lightweight, strong and durable and are very good insulators. They can be painted in a range of fashionable colours making them a great addition for interior living and bedrooms.

Aluminium Shutters

Aluminium Shutters are extremely robust and durable and are designed for outdoor use because they can withstand harsh weather. Our contemporary range of powdered coated Aluminium Shutters work well outside helping to increase your living space all year round. Aluminium Shutters are a great shading option and help to create stunning alfresco areas.